RUPES 145 vacuum w/ (1) RH356A 6mm & (1) RH359A 9mm Skorpio III Sanders/ 5 dust bags/ 2 coaxial antistatic hoses

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The RUPES S 145 Vacuum is the latest portable dust extraction unit that allows for sanding with both electric and air tools. This extremely quiet and energy efficient unit is suitable for extracting dust from sanding in various types of industrial work and also suitable for fluid extraction (with appropriate filter bag) allowing for a cleaner working environment, better finish results, improved efficiency, increased operator health and reduced abrasive costs.

S145 vacuum w/ (1) RH356A 6mm & (1) RH359A 9mm Skorpio III Sanders/ 5 dust bags/ 2 coaxial antistatic hoses

In any industry where abrasion of surfaces and the removal of material occurs a professional dust extraction system is the ideal way of maintaining a clean workplace, by eliminating the spread of dust at its source, before it has a chance to escape. It also serves as the first line of defense in protecting workers from breathing in hazardous particles that are a result of sanding various material such as wood, body fille, or fiberglass. With a variety of innovative features the S145EPL provides exceptional performance and an amazing value that can save users up to 40% annually on their labor and abrasives costs while allowing them to deliver a superior finish with less effort.

At the heart of each S145EPL is a powerful 1200 watt vacuum motor producing an incredible air flow rate of 5827 cubic feet per hour and 788 inches of water lift pressure. The vacuum suction can be triggered automatically with the activation of an electric or pneumatic tool connection or run in manual mode when desired. The high visibility Smart Control System also provides a simple interface that allows operators to quickly select the functional mode and tune suction for the task at hand.

The patented RUPES automatic filter cleaning system ensures maximum extraction efficiency under all working conditions. The air flow passing through the filters is inverted in alternation every 30 seconds through a system of valves , thus ensuring efficient cleaning action. With this innovative system, the operator is able to continue working without interruptions or reduction in efficiency in the extraction produces due to a dirty or clogged filter. Captured dust particles are collected in the included fleece bag inside the 45 liter drum and air passing out of the unit is filtered a second time through cartridge filters, ensuring that even the smallest amount of dust cannot escape into the working environment once captured by the powerful suction of the S145.

Integrated storage on the back of the vacuum for hoses and cords, plus a top shelf to rest tools, and the optional tool holder handle provide organization and storage without the large, cumbersome, and tip-over-prone solutions of competitive systems.

Power – 1×12000 watts

Weight – 13.5kg – 29.76lbs

Max Power Supplied (outlets) – 2400watts

Pressure – 2000 mm/H2O – 788 in/H2O

Noise Level – 73 dB(A)*

Container Volume – 45 liter – 12 gallon

Air Flow Rate – 165 m3/h – 5827 ft3/h **

Dust Classes – L – M

Electrical Outlet for Tools – 1

Pneumatic Outlet for Tools – 2

Automatic Filter Cleaning – Yes

Ø Internal Connector Attachment – 50mm – 2in