Rupes Black UHS Foam Polishing Pad 150-180 mm  (6-7 inch)

Rupes Black UHS Foam Polishing Pad 150-180 mm ( 7 inch)


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The Black (gray) UHS Foam Polishing Pad, and was designed specifically for use with Rupes UHS Ultra High Solid Solid Surface Polishing Compound. It can also be used with a variety of buffing liquids, including Rupes Zephr, Quarz, and Keramik Buffing Gels. This pad is very dense, and feels simliar to a very firm memory foam.  As it warms during use, it becomes soft and pliable, enabling it to cut remarkably well, yet leave a scour-free finish. This pad should be cleaned often during use, in order to avoid saturation of the foam. Otherwise, the pad can be difficult to clean, because it does not collapse and recoil rapidly.

Note: Fits 6 inch hook-and-loop (velcro) backing plates