Rupes BigFoot LHR 21ES Randon Orbital Polisher

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 Rupes BigFoot 21ES The LHR 21ES is characterized by a large 21mm (3/4”) orbit that guarantees fast cutting and an impressive finish.  The considerable size of the pads is perfect for working on panels and other large surfaces.  The tool’s design combine comfort, maneuverability and strength. TWO-HANDED HANDLE The tool is so well balanced that the operator can easily control it with just one hand.  The rubber coated housing cover provides the operator maximum control and the two-handed handle allows for an ergonomic friendly front end grip.  Thanks to this feature, even a novice technician can easily handle the tool. SPEED REGULATION The variable speed dial is handy, easy to use and allows the operator to control the speed of the tool even when the tool is operating. ANTISPINNING CAP The Anti-spinning Cap has a double purpose.  It protects the operator and also prohibits the foam pads from spinning freely if the machine is accidentally turned on.  Prohibiting the free spinning reduces the stress on the foam pads and prolongs their life. TRIGGER LOCK The trigger lock on the right side of the handle can be depressed to lock the machine in motion.  This action allows the tool to run effectively without the operator continuously depressing the throttle lever and is a great help in one-handed applications. DESIGN The unique hi-tech design makes the tool extremely comfortable to operate and has the added benefit of making it very easy for the operator to keep the buffing pad absolutely flat on the targeted surface.