Rupes Bigfoot iBrid 21 Cordless Polisher Kit

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Rupes Bigfoot iBrid 21 Cordless Polisher Kit

Introducing the iBrid Rupes BigFoot polishers, a true game-changer in the world of polishing applications. This compact yet powerful tool seamlessly combines cordless and corded capabilities, offering freedom and reliability. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, this polisher elevates your work to a new level. Experience unparalleled performance, ergonomic design, and adaptability like never before. Welcome to the future of surface care with the iBrid Rupes BigFoot polishers

  • New eccentric set
  • New anti-spinning ring
  • In-runner brushless motor
  • New gear technology
  • Led indicator
  • Li-ion battery 18V

Experience the convenience and power of the BigFoot iBrid system. This advanced 18V battery system delivers 5 Ah for extended uninterrupted operation. With an impressive 40-minute battery life at full power, it’s designed for crucial tasks, offering consistent performance even in demanding conditions, with rapid recharge cycles. Its efficient design optimizes workflow and boosts productivity.

The BigFoot iBrid polisher, powered by this high-performance battery, consistently excels in challenging applications. Complementing this system is the dual battery charger, which utilizes cutting-edge battery cell technology for lightning-fast charging. It prioritizes the highest voltage battery, ensuring a fully charged, high-capacity power source is always available.

2 x D-A INTERMEDIATE foam polishing pad(9.DA180B)
2 x D-A FINE foam polishing pad(9.DA180M)
2 x Wool polishing pad COARSE(9.BW180H)
2 x Wool polishing pad FINE(9.BW180M)
D-A COARSE polishing compound(9.DACOARSE250)
D-A FINE polishing compound(9.DAFINE250)
Dual battery charger(9HC185LT)
2 x Rechargeable power pack(9HB185LT)