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Odor Free Villa 1000 Purifier

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The Villa 1000 is designed for spaces that are unoccupied for several hours or more at a time, such as restaurants and bars while they are closed, or houses while the occupants are away at work. Let the last person to leave the facility set the 12 hour timer so that the unit cuts off an hour or two before the occupants return. This model has a variable output control that will produce from 150 up to 1800 mg per hour of ozone. It has a 12 hour timer that will turn the unit off automatically when the sanitizing is completed. There is also a “Hold” selection on the timer so the space can be sanitized for extended periods in order to eliminate deeply ingrained odors.

A good selection for Restaurants, Bars, Delis, Coffee Shops, Smoking Bars, Casinos, Pool Halls, Bingo Parlors, Pubs, Mold, Mildew, Large Classrooms, Large Office Rooms, Large Restrooms, Larger Houses, Condominiums, Rental Properties, Water and Flood Damage, Heavy Tobacco Odors, Fire and Smoke Damage, Locker Rooms, Kitchens, Tour Buses, Yachts, Pet and Animal Odors. Convenient for longer term sanitizing during times when the space is not occupied.

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