Gyeon Marine Q2R GelCoat 100ML

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Gyeon Marine Q2R GelCoat 100ML 

 The self-cleaning properties of a marine product are absolutely crucial, as most of the hull remains underwater and is exposed to organic contamination. Thanks to Q²R GelCoat slickness, the daily maintenance of a yacht will become much quicker and easier. Very high water mark resistance is a huge benefit as well, eliminating one of the biggest drawbacks of ceramic coatings in the marine sector.

Very intense UV exposure along with salty water are the main reasons for gelcoat and paint oxidation and colour loss. Q²R GelCoat, being a highly concentrated ceramic coating, has an extreme chemical resistance and as a solid layer it protects against both of these aspects

Work on larger sections, maximum 1x1m. Wipe off immediately after application. Do not let dry on the surface. TIP: Apply in circular motion to get the best surface coverage. Wipe off with Q²M PolishWipe or Q²M BaldWipe.

DURABILITY: 1-2 seasons