AutoMagic Super Dress IT 1 Gal

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AutoMagic Super Dress IT 1 Gal

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Super Dress-It® is a superior all-purpose, water-based silicone dressing for interiors, exteriors and engine compartments. Restores original beauty to vinyl upholstery and trim, dashboards, air vents, tires, rubber moldings, vinyl tops, hoses and more. Leaves a non-greasy, glossy protective shine.

VOC compliant.


RTU-Ready to Use- Exterior-High Gloss 1:4 Tires, Exterior moldings High to Medium Gloss 1:6 Exterior, Interior Medium to Low Gloss 1:8 Engines, Interior, Low Gloss

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. For a high gloss finish, spray directly onto the surface, then allow to dry. For a satin finish (less gloss) see dilution ratio’s, after application, wipe evenly with a clean cloth. For economy usage, Super Dress-It® can be diluted up to1:4, 1:6, 1:8, with water. Best used as full strength for exterior use. DO NOT apply to brake/accelerator pedals. For engines, spray product directly over entire engine, then allow to dry naturally. Product can be applied when the engine is still wet; just after the wash and rinse. SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Great for both Exterior and Interior use. Will not harm plastic or vinyl dashes. Safe for engines. HELPFUL TIPS: Be sure your surfaces are clean before application of Super Dress-It®. Be sure to let your tires dry at least 5 minutes before driving. This will help to avoid product “slinging” onto body panels. Product best used on cool surfaces