AutoMagic Glass Cleaner Con. 1 Gal

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Perfect for Windows, Mirrors and Chrome

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Glass Cleaner Concentrate is an economical cleaner for interior and exterior hard surfaces such as windows, mirrors and chrome. Streak-free formula wipes off easily and leaves surfaces sparkling clean. VOC compliant and body shop safe.

DILUTION RATIO: Glass & general purpose cleaner: dilute 1:42 (3 oz to 1 gal water)  Window wash fluid: dilute 1:60 (2 oz to 1 gal water)

DIRECTIONS: Using a mist sprayer, apply directly to surface, then wipe with a clean cloth. Remove excess with a clean, dry cloth.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Works effectively on glass, chrome, vinyl, plastic, and spots/stains on carpet and fabric.

ADDITIONAL USES: Automotive window wash fluid, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, household, hotel and restaurant use.

HELPFUL TIPS: Do not over-dilute. Wipe exterior glass in 1 direction and interiors with a different direction. This way you can easily see where any missed spots exist.