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Auto Magic Water Spot Remover 1 Gal

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Auto Magic Water Spot Remover 1 Gal

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Water Spot Remover is an acid-based cleaner formulated to remove water spotting and surface acid rain from chrome and all painted surfaces. This concentrated product will quickly and easily remove stubborn hard water spots and surface acid rain contamination. VOC compliant and body shop safe.

DILUTION RATIO: 1 part Water Spot Remover to 3 parts water

DIRECTIONS:  Rubber gloves, boots, apron and eye protection required.  Thoroughly wash and rinse vehicle. Do not dry. 

Dilute product 1:3 with water. Using a mist sprayer, apply product to the vehicle. Do not apply to convertible or vinyl tops. Allow to dwell for 1-3 minutes. Do not allow product to dry. Agitate surface with a wash mitt, soft bug sponge or truck wash brush. Use a soft bristle brush for rubber moldings and trim pieces.  Neutralize #600 Water Spot Remover with #713 Special Cleaner diluted 1:10. Rewash and rinse vehicle to remove remaining product residue.  If necessary, remove remaining spots with a medium abrasive polish.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: OEM painted surfaces, bumpers and moldings and chrome plated items.

ADDITIONAL USES: #600 Water Spot Remover should only be used to remove hard water spots and acid rain from painted surfaces and chrome on automobiles.

HELPFUL TIPS: Pre-treat convertible tops, unpainted vinyl/rubber trim and moldings with 713 Special Cleaner diluted 1:10 to prevent streaking from #600 Water Spot Remover. Use appropriate safety gear when using this product.

SAFETY & HANDLING: Safety Data Sheets can found online at