Automagic ECONO Wash And Wax 55 Gal

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Automagic ECONO Wash And Wax 55Gal. Auto Magic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Econo Wash & Wax is an economical shampoo for cleaning exterior vehicle surfaces. Rinses easily for less wipe down time. VOC compliant.


Recommended Dilution Ratio of 1 part #ENC56 Econo Wash & Wax to 32 parts water

DIRECTIONS: Pour 2 ounces of Econo Wash & Wax into a 5 gallon pail. Fill with water and wash vehicle with a wash mitt or soft sponge. Rinse, then dry with a soft towel, chamois or squeegee.


For exterior washing/cleaning of clear coat, single stage, acrylic, lacquers, enamels, as well as powder-coated paints. Also cleans glass, chrome, plastic, vinyl, rubber, wheels, tires, and more.

ADDITIONAL USES: Excellent on RVs, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and more

HELPFUL TIPS: Use on cool surfaces. To quickly cool the surfaces, rinse entire vehicle with pressurized water before use. This will also help to loosen and remove dirt. It is best to use a separate wash mitt or sponge on the lower body areas, fender wells, wheels, and tires. This way, if you pick up any small rocks and dirt, it won’t scratch the painted areas.

SAFETY & HANDLING: Safety Data Sheets can found online at