AutoMagic Clay Blue

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AutoMagic Clay Magic Blue

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Clay Magic® surface clay makes your vehicle’s finish as smooth as glass; while removing harmful surface contaminants such as paint overspray, tree sap, bug residue, industrial fallout, and other stubborn dirt. Clay Magic® is safe on all types of vehicles. A 100 gram clay bar can last up to 10 details depending on the contamination level. Claying your surface is extremely easy to do and takes only approx. 15 minutes to perform.

DIRECTIONS: Form Clay Magic® into an oval shape. Spray Clay Magic® Clay Lube onto a 3'x3' section of a clean, cool and dry surface. Gently rub the clay bar over the area using a back-and forth motion in 5 to 6 passes. Wipe the surface dry. To clean the clay bar, simply fold it in half and reshape into an oval shape. Store the clay bar in a clay container or plastic baggie with a light spray of lubricant. DISCARD BAR IF DROPPED ON THE GROUND.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Refinished paint, factory paints, clear coats, acrylics, enamels, and lacquer paints. It can also be used on glass, chrome, fiberglass, plastic, and many other smooth hard surfaces for contamination and paint overspray removal.

HELPFUL TIPS: Always make sure the surface you intend to clay is thoroughly washed, dried, and cool. Fold the clay frequently to ensure clean clay is used. It is best to fold the clay after each main body panel is completed. Most of the contamination removal is going to be on the upper portions of the vehicle (above the side moldings). Do not use clay without a clay lubricant. The lubricant helps glide the clay and loosen imbedded surface debris. Do not use the clay if dropped on the ground. This collected dirt may add surface scratches.

SAFETY & HANDLING: Safety Data Sheets can found online at