AutoMagic Vinyl / Leather Cleaner 1 Gal.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Vinyl/Leather Cleaner is a mild, pH-balanced cleaner specifically designed for use on automotive interiors. Quickly removes stubborn stains from all vinyl and leather surfaces. VOC Compliant and Body Shop Safe


DIRECTIONS: Vinyl/Leather Cleaner is a RTU (ready-to-use) product. No diluting is necessary. Using a mist sprayer, apply directly to surface and agitate with a soft bristle brush. Remove with a clean, damp cloth. Repeat if necessary. SURFACE

APPLICATIONS: For use on leather, vinyl, and plastic seats and upholstery.

ADDITIONAL USES: Safe for use on boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, and RV’s or any leather or vinyl surfaces. HELPFUL TIPS: For extremely soiled surfaces wrap a towel around a soft bristle brush and agitate Vinyl/Leather cleaner. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.