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AutoMagic Cool Dress-IT 1Gal.

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Cool Dress-IT 1Gal. Auto Magic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Cool Dress-It™ is a premium, water-based thick dressing that will renew and add shine to tires, moldings, vinyl, rubber bumpers, and engines. It has the shine and durability of any solvent-based dressing, making it the perfect VOC compliant all-purpose dressing. It’s also safe and effective as an interior dressing. Disperses water better than any current water or solvent-based dressing. Cool Dress-It® is ready-to-use. No diluting is necessary, but can be diluted to adjust the gloss as needed.

DILUTION RATIO: For high gloss use undiluted. For a satin finish dilute 1:1 with water For a matte finish dilute 1:2 parts water, up to a maximum of 1:10 parts water For interior use dilute 1:5 – 1:10 parts water

DIRECTIONS: Cool Dress-It® can be sprayed directly onto the tires or engine and left to dry. This will result in a high gloss finish. For a satin finish, dilute 1:1 with water. For a matte finish dilute 1:2 with water, up to a 1:10 dilution as needed. Apply the dressing to all other areas using an applicator pad. Allow the product to plate. Remove any excess product with a clean damp towel.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: For use on all tires, moldings, vinyl, rubber bumpers, and engines.

ADDITIONAL USES: Great for use on trucks, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.

HELPFUL TIPS: DO NOT apply to brake/accelerator pedals. For engines, spray product directly over entire engine, then allow to dry naturally. Product can be applied when the engine is still wet; just after the wash and rinse.