AutoMagic Magic Dressing 5 Gal

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AutoMagic Magic Dressing 5 Gal

Magic Dressing is a solvent-based superior exterior dressing for hard surface material such as tires, vinyl, and trim. Extra long-lasting high gloss with water repellent protection

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Magic Dressing™ is a superior all-purpose, solvent-based silicone dressing for exterior surfaces. Restores new luster and adds long-lasting weather resistant protection to tires, rubber moldings, exterior trim, and vinyl. Great scent!


DIRECTIONS: For the “wet look”, apply Magic Dressing™ directly onto the surface with a mist sprayer. Allow to dry. For a less shiny look, apply, then use a sponge applicator and wipe until uniform. DO NOT apply to engines, or brake/accelerator pedals.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: For tires, exterior rubber moldings, trim, and vinyl.

HELPFUL TIPS: Be sure your surface is clean and dry before application of Magic Dressing™. Be sure to let your tires dry at least 10 minutes before driving. This will help to avoid product “slinging” onto body panels. For interior protection please use No. 65 Super Dress-It All Purpose Premium Dressing & Protectant or No. 60 XP Cool Blue to provide shine and durability.

SAFETY & HANDLING: Safety Data Sheets can found online at