AutoMagic Clear Shine 5 Gal Sil-Free

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AutoMagic Clear Shine 5 Gal Sil-Free

Body Shop Safe Tire Dressing 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Clear Shine® is a superior solvent-based, non-silicone exterior dressing created for use in the body shops. Designed to provide excellent gloss with extended product durability. Great for use on tires, rubber molding, trim, unpainted rubber bumpers and fender wells. Body shop safe.


DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly with a terry cloth or foam wax applicator. Remove excess with a clean towel.

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: For use on tires, exterior rubber or black plastic moldings, mirrors and unpainted rubber bumpers.

ADDITIONAL USES: Boats, RV’s, motorcycles, commercial vehicles.

HELPFUL TIPS: Always remove excess dressing with a towel or sponge.