3D DA Polisher With Backing Plate

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3D DA Polisher With Backing Plate

Da Polisher

Introducing the 3D Random DA Orbital Polisher: Your Precision Tool for Professional and DIY Detailing

Elevate your detailing game with the advanced power and precision of the 3D Random DA Orbital Polisher. Designed with upgraded internal components, a potent motor, and thoughtful ergonomic features, this polisher stands as a versatile companion for both seasoned professionals and passionate DIY enthusiasts.

🔌 Advanced Power at Your Fingertips: The 3D Random DA Orbital Polisher is driven by a robust 6 Amp motor, generating a formidable 710 watts of power. This translates into exceptional performance, capable of effortlessly tackling paint defects, swirl marks, water spots, overspray, and oxidation.

💨 Smooth Operator: With an 8mm throw, this polisher ensures that every movement counts. The 3D polisher's smooth and powerful motor delivers consistent results, effectively transforming your surfaces with each pass.

🏎️ Speed Tailored to Perfection: The power of precision lies in control. The 3D polisher offers a spectrum of 6 adjustable speeds, enabling you to calibrate your approach for each unique project. From light corrections to intensive detailing, exactness is within your grasp.

🏁 From Pros to DIY Heroes: Whether you're a professional detailing maestro or a DIY aficionado, the 3D Random DA Orbital Polisher is your trusty sidekick. It bridges the gap between expert craftsmanship and the pursuit of excellence at home.

🛠️ Built for Versatility: Equipped with a 5-inch Velcro hook and loop backing plate, this polisher accommodates 5.5 and 6-inch foam pads. It's a testament to adaptability, catering to various pad sizes for the perfect finish.

⚙️ Technical Brilliance: Voltage: 120V, 60Hz, 6 amps. Speed: 2000-6000 OPM. Spindle Thread: 5/16” - 24 UNF. Motor: 710 Watts. Orbit: 8 mm throw. Cord length: 10ft. Dial: 6 Variable Speeds. These technical specifications embody the precision and power you need.

🔧 Comprehensive Package: The 3D DA polisher comes complete with a 5-inch Velcro hook and loop backing plate, accommodating foam pads of various sizes. A pair of Carbon Brushes ensures enduring performance, while the Spindle Wrench and Side Handle enhance usability.

🌐 Experience Excellence: The 3D label isn't just a brand – it's a promise of superior performance and unwavering dedication. The 3D Random DA Orbital Polisher lives up to this promise, ensuring every project becomes an experience of excellence.

Unleash Precision and Power with the 3D Random DA Orbital Polisher. Elevate Your Craft. Elevate Your Results.