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3D ACA Grey Flex P2500 6' Disc Orange

by 3D
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3D ACA Grey Flex P2500 6' Disc Orange

  • Fast leveling of orange peel and other surface textures
  • Step 1: P1500; Step 2: P2500
  • Uniform abrasive size and placement create even sanding mark patterns that buff out easily
  • Long lasting abrasive and anti-clogging technology

3D P2500 Flex Sanding Discs are super high quality, fine cut sanding discs for use after an aggressive sanding step like our 3D P1500.  The P2500 discs quickly refine the P1500 sanding marks to P2500, which then are incredibly fast and easy to remove via compounding.

3D P2500 discs can also be used by themselves to level minor orange peel, match factory orange peel or level minor surface texture.

The secret is in the Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology created by  The particle size, shape, hardness, and cut are all engineered and controlled to create a long-lasting sanding disc that cuts fast while leaving a shallow, uniform sanding mark that buffs out fast and easy. 

3D P2500 Flex Sanding Discs leave such a uniform, shallow sanding mark pattern it makes the arduous task of sanding faster and easier as well as makes the compounding step faster and easier.